Dogs and a Pig I Coordinated Rescue For





Jake was a owner surrender to Mountain Lake Animal Shelter in Guntersville, AL. Apparently he was lost in the tornadoes in early Spring 2011 near Arab, AL. A woman found him, gave him to a man, who then turned him over to rescue for being afraid and running off. I visited him on 13-Dec-2011, took pics and videos and posted online to several BC rescue lists/groups. Mid-Atlantic Border Collie had a transport coming within 30 minutes of Guntersville on the eveing of 15-Dec-2011, so he joined that transport and is on his way to New York area. Thanks Mid-Atlantic for saving him.
Wizard was an owner surrender to Story County Animal Shelter. The daughter had left home and the parents didn't want the dog so they took him to the shelter. The shelter contacted me and I contacted several rescue. BCRMN took him in, thanks guys for coming to the rescue again. Wizard was a purebred registered Border Collie.
Colby was picked up as a stray by Story County Animal Shelter. I was asked to evaluate him by a friend. After my evaluation I contacted Protege Canine Rescue in Iowa City, IA to see if they had room for this pure Aussie. Thanks to Protege Canine Rescue for rescueing Colby. .
Owner surrender to pound in Carthage, IL because owners moved out. Golden mix, 1.5 yrs old and 50 lbs. I got his info from a weekly email list from Anissa Sadeghi, West Hancock Animal Rescue. I posted on Facebook, knew there were Golden Rescue friends around. Gaye S. forwarded his info to the Des Moines Golden Rescue who took him in.
Received an email about Buster on 15-March-2011, on 28-March-2011 I followed up with a phone call to the neice's husband. They had not been able to place him and were going to euthenize. I then posted Buster on three BC rescue forums, surrounding state BC breed rescues were full. A gentleman named Kent Morgan from Kansas contacted me and ended up driving 16 hours round trip to get him on 2-Apr-2011. His new owner is a 72 yr old woman who just lost her BC. Thank you Kent Morgan in Kansas, bless you for what you do.
Black/Tan Coon Hound, ~ 1year old. Driving home on Hwy 431, near Claysville, AL I saw a woman standing on the side of the opposite road trying to call a dog to her. I turned around and went to help. Within 15 minutes we lured the dog to us with food. The dog seemed to know the woman, who had said they had lost a Coon dog in that area. The woman took her home.
Located in Iowa City, IA. Jill, mom, has cancer and can't keep dogs. Jack was originally one of her pups but was returned at the age of 3. Faelynn and Fenna (both 1yr) are Jacks pups out of Jill's daughters female dog. It was an accidental breeding and she was unable to place 2 or 3 pups. Due to her illness the female dogs became agressive and wildish. I met Jill at a herding class with Mary Bolton at which time I told Jill about rescue. She contacted me about one month later asking for advice. Jack went to MWBCR and Faelynn and Fenna went to Steppinstone Rehabilitation Center & Dog Training. All three were accepted into MWBCR, but they contacted me about the females and said they probably won't have room so I posted their info on several forums and another person put me in contact with Michelle who runs Steppinstone Rehabilitation Center & Dog Training.
Left at a Joplin, MO shelter door with a note saying they didn't want him because he herds. Rescued by Kim Nygard in Ames, IA. Went to BCRMN. Nice dog, toy motivated, blue merle Australian Shepherd male about 1yr old. Thanks Melissa at BCRMN and Kim for saving him.
Female, BC purebred, picked up as stray in Carthage, IL. Anissa Sadeghi contacted me and I completed the relinguishment form for Mid West BC Rescue and they accepted her. Thank you Mid West BC Rescue.



Owner posted "FREE DOG" flyer in pet food store in Nashville, TN. Karen my sister saw the flyer so I contacted the owner, got pics, made a webpage and contacted TN BC rescues. East TN BC Rescue offered to take her into their program, she was transported to Knoxville on 20-June-2010. Thank You East TN BC Rescue. BC/Prynese, blk tri, female, 7 yrs.




BC, 6months, She was an owner surrender to South Hamilton Animal Rescue in Jewell, IA. I contacted BCRMN and they took her. Got adopted within one week. Young, ~6 to 8 months, blk/white.




Free off of Craigslist in Des Moines, IA. Went to BCRMN Blue Border Collie, 4 months, purchased from Petland pet store and owners couldn't deal with her energy.




Free off of Craigslist in Des Moines, IA. Went to BCRMN Blk/White Border Collie




Free off of Craigslist in Des Moines, IA. Went to BCRMN. PTS due to biting people numberous times. White and Black, Border Collie very overweight, 5yrs old.




Dumped on Honeycomb Road in Grant, AL. Dana ran loose from early Dec 2009 until 22-March-2010, when I caught her. She was adopted by Connie Long who lives down the road and was also feeding her. Pit mix




Got email that owner was going to take to shelter and PTS. MWBCR took her in. BA picked up, vetted, transfered to Karla who worked out the transport.


George is a pot bellied pig. He wondered onto our farm in Alabama during Feburary 2007. I posted an offer for a "Pot Bellied Pig" on the Freecycle group of Marshall County. One week later I get a response from Kala who said her brother Reggie would take the pig. So Reggie drove out to Honeycomb with a trailer and he and daddy loaded him up. Reggie decided to name the pig George after Daddy.
Louie was an owner surrender to the Ames, IA animal shelter in early January 2007 because he was too much to handle.I went to the shelter two to three times a week beginning mid Feb 2007 and worked with Louie on his basic manners and walking on a leash. On April 11, 2007 Louie was adopted and left the shelter for good.
Pumpkin was a stray that appeared at our Alabama home on Saturday, Jan.13, 2007. She was covered with ticks and fleas, but seemed in good shape otherwise. On Feb. 5, 2007 I took her to the Nashville Humane Association, with the agreement that if she didn't get adopted I would get her back. She was adopted within one week and her picture was never put on the website. This was a story with a happy ending.

Bear came into my life when we lived in Sunnyvale, CA. In November 1999 I saw a black dog running around the streets of Sunnyvale. Then on December 21, 1999 I was walking Jacque, my Bichon, before work inside our gated community. Low and behold there was Bear running inside our compound. To try and find his owner I called the San Jose Humane Society regarding a found dog. Well, I got a call on Dec. 24, 1999, from a woman who was helping her friend find his lost dog. After talking briefiy she came over and Bear did recognize her. It was Bear's dad and he was so very happy to see his lost dog. Bear was home after six weeks on the run, this truly was a very happy ending.