Noah formerly Cooper
Australian Shepherd
Put to rest: 21-Oct-2009 age ~ 18yrs REST IN PEACE MY DEAR DOG

Living with Karen Bucher in Nashville, TN

Rescued from Albuquerque, NM August 29, 2005
Returned to Beth Ann on Feb 3, 2006
Ownership tranfered to Beth Ann on May 1, 2006

Noah has quite an interesting story. In Fall 2003 he escaped from his backyard in Albuquerque, NM. He was found in a parking lot by the daughter of Larry Cornelius (just blocks from his home). Larry and family tried to find his owner (Becky and Marvin Townds) and his owner desperately tried to find him, but neither was able to connect. So Noah became Cooper and lived with Larry for two years. In August 2005 Larry and family were moving into an apartment and couldn't take Noah with them so they contacted me through a relative I knew that worked at my vet's office. I placed Noah with Suzanne, Duane and Zac Lawrence in Moriarty, NM. They kept him till Feb 2006 and decided he was not the dog for them. So I took him back and he will live the remainder of his life with us.

In Feb 2006 when I got Noah from the Lawrences I took him to the local shelter to be scanned for a microchip. He had one!!! I called HomeAgain and gave them the chip number. They told me his name was Noah and tried to call the phone numbers listed on his registration. They were no longer valid so did I want to transfer ownership. I said no, I want to try and find his owners. In order for me to get the names of the owners I had to have my vet call HomeAgain, which Diana (receptionist at Cedarwood Vet Clinic) did for me. I searched the internet and phone books and could not find his owners.

On May 1, 2006 I called HomeAgain to transfer the ownership. Glen T. Rosengrant Jr. helped me this time. He said they could not do an ownership transfer until the contacts had been checked. I said fine, but in Feb 2006 your company tried and the contact info was no long valid. Well Glen was able to reach the alternate contact, the mother-in-law, and she gave him current info. HomeAgain left a messge with Noah's parents. Glen then called me and told me he was able to reach the owners. My heart sank, I knew there was a chance I could lose Noah. I told Glen if the owners were not able to take him back I would be willing to keep him, but would like to talk to them to learn more about his history.

In one hour my phone rang and it was Becky Townds, Noah's mom. She said Noah was a wedding gift to her from her husband and he is a purebred Border Collie. The first few years of his life he lived on a ranch and loved to run. He was named Noah because he loved the water so much. He had grand maul seizures and was on meds till about 4yrs. She couldn't afford meds any longer so took him off meds, did not have any more seizures after that. When they moved to city he kept jumping fence so she had to chain him in the backyard. One day he got away and while doing so pulled his collar off. He did not return. She put ads in paper and did everything one needs to do when a dog is lost. There was no response, she assumed he had been hit by a car. It turns out he was found only about 2 blocks from his home.

Becky explained that over the past two years they have gotten two more dogs and three cats. So taking him back now is really not a option. Becky would like for me to keep him and love him for the rest of his years. She will transfer ownership to me thru Home Again. As we talked she cried on the phone. I asked if she wanted to see him and she said no.