Adopted by Jeff and Maureen Lyons
Santa Rosa, CA

Rescued 4-Sept-2004 Adopted 30-Oct-2004

~Feb 2004 - 09.Feb.2017

10.April.2017 - Kachina earned 9 NATCh championships and 6 Versatility NATCh championships. She is in the North American Dog Agility Council’s Hall of Fame in five different categories.

RIP Kachina
~Feb 2004 - 09.Feb.2017

October 2004: Kachina now spends her days hanging out around the house and farm. Evenings are spent practicing agility while weekends are spent competing in agility. Kachina started life out in Northern New Mexico and began life tied to a chain. A neighbor rescued her around 4 months of age but soon found out she was all Border Collie and too much to handle. So on Septermber 4th 2004, at 9 months old, she was surrendered to the shelter in Santa Fe, NM