Rescued 28-Aug-2006 - Adopted 06-Oct-2006 - Died 21-May-2008

Julie was brought in to the Guntersville Animal Hospital (the holding place for strays in Marshall County, AL) as a stray. This is a very high kill place that only keeps dogs for three days before they are put down. Because of her personality the staff held on to her for one week. I happened to go in to the clinic to tell them I did BC rescue, it was then they brought her out to me. It was the eyes that caught my attention. Julie is probably a BC/Pyrenese mix. Her markings are BC, but her personality in Pyrenese. Other Pyrenese traits are her rear dew claws (which were removed), her dark brown eyes and head shape. She is truly a darling dog.



Border Collie/Great Pyrenese

Now living in Meridianville, AL with Shelly, Otis and Brandon

Rescued from Guntersville Animal Hospital on Aug, 28, 2006. She was brought in to the shelter about one week before as a stray. Approx birthdate Jan 2006.

Adopted October 6, 2006