Border Collie

Rescued by Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue


Jake is a 3.5 year old black and white rough coat Border Collie. He weighs about 35lbs, neutered and is up to date on shots.

Jake was found by a woman near Arab, AL after the tornadoes in early Spring. He was given to a man who then took him to a local rescue. Neeless to say Jake has had a rough few months.

Jake is friendly and will approach people. He let me pet him all over, look in his mouth and check out his ears. After a few minutes he rolled over for a belly rub. Loud noises and sudden movements cause him to become frightened and retreat. Right now Jake does not have an interest in toys.

During his stay at the rescue Jake is given free run with several other large dogs. He gets along fine with them. There have been three times that Jake has shown agression toward female dogs.

Jake would make a great pet for someone intereted in taking the time to show him what life is all about. That home will not have young children and if other animals are in the home they be male.

If you interested in learning more about Jake please contact Kathy at PawsandClaws4B.
Email: Pawsandclaws4b@yahoo.com
Location: 1919 Georgia Mountain Rd, Guntersville, AL 35978