Jack, Faelynn and Fenna

Oct 15-25, 2010

Located in Iowa City, IA. Jill, mom, has cancer and can't keep dogs. Jack was originally one of her pups but was returned at the age of 3. Faelynn and Fenna (both 1yr) are Jacks pups out of Jill's daughters female dog. It was an accidental breeding and she was unable to place 2 or 3 pups. Due to her illness the female dogs became agressive and wildish. I met Jill at a herding class with Mary Bolton at which time I told Jill about rescue. She contacted me about one month later asking for advice. Jack went to MWBCR and Faelynn and Fenna went to Steppinstone Rehabilitation Center & Dog Training. All three were accepted into MWBCR, but they contacted me about the females and said they probably won't have room so I posted their info on several forums and another person put me in contact with Michelle who runs Steppinstone Rehabilitation Center & Dog Training.