Buster is a 10yr old Border Collie (BC) who lived his entire life with an older woman. She died and now he is living with the niece. Things are not going well, Buster is stressed due to the four other dogs and small children. He is neutered, up to date on shots and on hearworm prevention.

I received an email about Buster on 15-March-2011, on 28-March-2011 I followed up with a phone call to the neice's husband. They had not been able to place him and were going to euthenize. I then posted Buster on three BC rescue forums, surrounding state BC breed rescues were full. A gentleman named Kent Morgan from Kansas contacted me and ended up driving 16 hours round trip to get him on 2-Apr-2011. His new owner is a 72 yr old woman who just lost her BC.

God Bless you Kent Morgan and Buster!!